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Resident Services: Linking Affordable Housing and Opportunities for Families
March 31, 2005

This symposium was an outgrowth of the work of the National Resident Services Collaborative. NeighborWorks America and Enterprise convened the symposium to examine how to better underwrite, capitalize and maximize the benefits of resident services in family rental housing. More than 100 leaders from state housing finance agencies, cities, lenders, tax credit investors, nonprofit and for-profit affordable housing owners and managers, policy leaders, foundations and federal government agencies participated in dynamic discussions.

Most symposium participants expressed strong interest in and specific ideas for advancing the funding, underwriting and outcomes measurement issues related to resident services for families. NeighborWorks America and Enterprise are evaluating those ideas and will communicate a number of proposed follow-up actions later in 2005. We are also preparing a summary of the symposium proceedings. Several reports and documents were developed by NeighborWorks America and Enterprise for symposium participants including:

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