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Resident Services Research and Policy Agenda
In the spring of 2007, the National Resident Services Collaborative sponsored a policy symposium focused on the challenges of sustainable funding for housing-based resident services and service coordination for low-income families and individuals in affordable housing.

Symposium participants made recommendations for solutions for lack of sustainable funding for resident services that were considered by the National Resident Services Collaborative over the past year. The result is a three-year research and policy agenda. The agenda contains recommendations for policy and systems change at the federal, state, local level and for affordable housing industry stakeholders.

Resident Services Resources

  • More Than Roof and Walls: Why Resident Services are an Indispensable Part of Affordable Housing (PDF, 517K) – A paper for policymakers and funders that describes the current state of housing-based resident services and the challenges in financing them.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit: Helping Families Build Financial Assets (PDF, 324K)
    This brief provides housing owners and resident services staff with resources for housing residents, and how to partner with local EITC campaigns to bring tax preparation volunteers onsite. The brief is geared toward affordable family rental housing.
  • State Leadership in Encouraging Family Housing Enriched with Resident
    : An Assessment of 2007 Housing Credit Allocation Policies 2007

    by James Tassos
    Download PDF for free (779KB)
  • Review the 2005 report, Building Opportunities for Families into Affordable Housing
    Download PDF for free (690 KB)
  • Best practices research on financial literacy programs is underway at NeighborWorks Multifamily Initiative's Learning Center Consortium.

Policy Symposium - April 17-18, 2007
Over one hundred affordable housing executives, and policy and program experts, foundations and federal agency officials gathered to hear experts discuss their perspectives on challenges in financing family resident services in family affordable housing. The ultimate goal of the symposium was to reach consensus among affordable housing development leaders on a realistic -- but bold policy agenda for achieving sustainable funding for family resident services. 

Symposium speakers included Doris Koo, Ken Wade, CEO of NeighborWorks, Ralph Boyd, Chair of the Freddie Mac Foundation, and Jim Kelly, CEO of Providence Community Housing and Catholic Charities in New Orleans. Enterprise Trustees also played significant roles in the symposium.  Paul Brophy was the facilitator and Marilyn Melkonian spoke about her private sector experience in providing and vision for family resident services, Dee Walsh discussed her challenges in delivering and financing housing-based family services. Other speakers included Ron Ashford who oversees resident services funding at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Gary King who heads the Connecticut Housing Finance Agency and executives of large nonprofit developers including National Church Residences, The Community Builders and Community Preservation and Development. 

Recommendations of the affordable housing leaders at the conference included:

  • Effective strategies for systems change to improve access to services dollars; to underwrite for resident services in new housing operating budgets; and to create new federal and state funding for family resident services.
  • Expansion of current federal resident services funding for resident services coordination to include developments financed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits; and creation of a federal demonstration program to prove impact of services on families and property performance; and/or create a new federal funding program.
  • Options for the affordable housing industry to increase funds for services by lowering capital costs, aggregating management of assets locally, and accessing underutilized federal funding for services.
  • Research on the Impact of Family Services (PDF, 24K). This paper discusses the challenges and possibilities for measuring the impact of family services on both the families served and on the housing property's performance.
  • Federal Services Funding and Partnerships for Family Resident Services (PDF, 31K): This group discussion paper summarizes programs that nonprofit housing organizations have used to help support the cost of resident services.
  • Federal Policy Options for Expanding Support for Family Services Coordination (PDF, 28k): This discussion group paper briefly describes several options for expanding direct federal support for offering family resident services.
  • Report on State Policies Related to Resident Services for Families Financed with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (PDF, 20K). This discussion group paper presents a summary review of 23 state housing Qualified Allocation Plans for 2006 and their allocations that support family resident services in properties financed with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.
  • Point Incentives and Requirements under LIHTC QAP for Family Resident Services in Affordable Housing in Selected States (PDF, 32K). This table breaks out the resident-services related incentives offered by states' in their Qualified Allocation Plans for the Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

March 31, 2005 Symposium: Resident Services: Linking Affordable Housing and Opportunities for Families

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