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Members of the National Resident Services Collaborative hope to standardize the outcome measurement of resident services in affordable housing for families. Toward that end, a number of efforts are underway:

Recommended Family and Individual Outcome Measures
for Housing-Based Resident Services

The National Resident Services Collaborative, led by NeighborWorks America and Enterprise Community Partners, recommends a core set of outcome measures for housing-based resident services focused on children and youth’s education performance; helping adults with training, education and employment; helping adults improve financial management and increase assets; helping people access benefits; and increasing resident involvement in community.

NeighborWorks America has been working with The Community Builders, Mercy Housing, and a dozen of its nonprofit affiliates through the Learning Center Consortium to standardize language and definitions for measuring success of residents in individual and community asset areas.

Enterprise has implemented a resident services demonstration program with several community-based nonprofit affordable housing developers and managers to set targets for desired outcomes for residents and to track outcomes in several program areas, including employment for youth and adults, financial literacy, after school programs for children, English as a second language and community safety.

Tracking Tools for Resident Services Coordinators - Enterprise has developed Excel-based tools for resident services coordinators wishing to track outcomes of service referrals and to prevent evictions. Please note that these are large files. It is best to save them onto your computer, then open the file and view it.

Enterprise and NeighborWorks are in the process of setting up working groups with housing finance agencies in order to develop guidelines for reviewing proposed resident services plans for allocations of Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

The State of Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency has found that housing developments with resident services perform better on three out of four property management performance indicators than properties without such services. PHFA provides funds and other incentives to affordable housing developers to provide resident services and reviewed the performance of 17 properties it financed with services and compared them to 17 similar properties without services. Read the PHFA report

Following are logic models used by Mercy Housing in their housing developments for families and seniors, respectively. These models may be useful to other organizations seeking frameworks for describing their programs, goals, activities, short-term and long-term desired outcomes and what success measures to employ.

Resident Services Family Program Model

Resident Services Senior Logic Model


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